Some of my clients question whether they need business cards or not. With new technology it would seem fair that you don’t need them. And that is very true to some degree. We meet someone, tell them about our business and the first thing they will often ask you is …do you have an instagram account? And in an instant you have a new follower and a new connection. So simple right? Why would you need a business card? Let me give you a few reasons why …

Do you work in a clinic or appointment based environment?

Physiotherapists, Osteopaths, Dentists etc. will use business cards as appointment cards. People can forget easily their next appointment so a little reminder on a card can help them remember. Particularly for the older generation …or mum’s like me who don’t have two hands to put it in their phone.

Do you have a stall at a market?

If you sell products at a market, people walking by may want to have a think about it before purchasing. Giving them a business card just helps them remember you, your product and where to find you. I so often go into a store or market, like something, hesitate in purchasing and then go home and I can’t stop thinking about it. It’s nothing worse than forgetting the name of the business.

Do you go to social events?

While social events you can easily exchange instagram accounts, it is still effective marketing to have a business card for someone to take with them. They may forget you in the thousands of people they follow, but a little card may not feel as lost. 

Does your company have more than one employer?

While instagram or other social accounts are great to market your business it may not be specific to each employer. Having a business card for each employer enables them to give a card with their contact details on there to a prospective client they have just met.

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